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Testimonials & Endorsements


"Created an honest and friendly environment."

We are happy to recommend Attorney Christine West and the rest of the hard-working folks at Peace of Mind Law Center. From our first appointment they demonstrated the law firm was there to serve and created an honest and friendly environment. Peace of Mind Law Center’s approach to trust planning was very complete and holistic. They presented everything in a straight-forward and easy-to-understand manner. Most importantly, they listened to everything we requested and made sure those nuances were contained in every article of our trust. 

Certainly every family feels they have special circumstances that require unique handling upon the death of one or both spouses. Knowing those circumstances will be handled properly is what has given us “peace of mind.” We will continue to rely on Peace of Mind Law Center to keep our trust up to date and to provide advice on future family law matters.

- Kevin T. & Julie B.

"We know we can call on her and her staff whenever we have a further legal question."

Being elderly and with no children, computer illiterate, and yet with some means to leave to shirttail nieces + a nephew, we needed help. To add to our ignorance we were woefully outdated in our concept of wills, directives, laws, etc.

So, we sought the help of Attorney Gerhardt and associates, gathered our information together and met with her. She was so professional (humorous, too) as she walked us through the maze of what was needed - a lot, just for "simple wills" today.

But, we did it. It wasn't cheap, nor easy, but we now have that Peace of Mind she took as her new firm's name. And, we know we can call on her and her staff whenever we have a further legal question. 

We are grateful.

- Donald & Sonia S.

"Anyone contemplating working with her will not be disappointed."

I have known Annette for well over a decade as we are both members of the National Network of Estate Planning Attorneys. 

Annette has consistently impressed me with not only her compassion for her clients, but also her commitment to making certain her clients understand how their estate plans work. She is exceptionally unique in that she has a formal estate planning maintenance and education program to ensure that her clients plan remain current with changes in their family and financial situations but also changes in the law. 

From a technical standpoint, I have had many conversations with her over the years on both complex legal estate tax issues but also on incorporating more "real world" solutions to assure her client's estate plans achieve their planning goals.

I could not give a higher endorsement for a colleague. Anyone contemplating working with her will not be disappointed.

- Scott W.

"Made a stressful situation a lot better."

My sister died rather suddenly a few years ago and had absolutely no will, or beneficiaries, or anything in place - it was a nightmare. 

My father passed away last October, and had already gotten his ducks in a row from Annette, and the difference was absolutely astounding. She cleared up misconceptions we had, fixed the stuff that needed to be fixed, and made a stressful situation a lot better when he was in the hospital. 

Who knew Arizona requires all the jumping through hoops for various powers of attorney?! 

Annette did! 

- Denise L.

"I look forward to putting my own estate in their competent hands for protection and planning."

Recently, my father and I attended a seminar given by Gerhardt Law Office and led by Annette Gerhardt. I need to convey how impressed I was by the immense effort of Annette and staff to be thorough, accommodating and punctual. 

They proceeded through our updates on Trusts with the aid of powerpoint, collated notebooks and Annette's presentation. There were very detailed accounts, but also the time and opportunity for our questions. We were given a gracious lunch and refreshments and the presentation ended on time with room to spare for more personal questions addressed in private groups. 

I know the services they provide for estate planning are invaluable to their clients and look forward to putting my own estate in their competent hands for protection and planning.


- Shane S.

"No reservations recommending her services."

I contacted Christine for advice on dealing with my brother's estate. I live out of state and needed to understand my rights and obligations under Arizona law. Christine understood the situation and provided clear, direct advice on my best path forward. I was very pleased with our interaction, will engage her again if the need arises, and have no reservations recommending her services. 

- George M.