Life Care Planning


What is Life Care Planning?

Life Care Planning is a revolutionary new way to respond to the challenges created by long life, long-term illness or disability. A Life Care Plan spells out how our elder law attorney and elder law professionals will help you get the best possible care for your loved one in the least restrictive environment—while developing a strategy to preserve your loved one’s wealth to the greatest extent possible. Bundling asset protection, public benefits qualification, care coordination, nursing home advocacy, and crisis intervention services into a convenient package, a Life Care Plan is the ultimate protection for elders and those who love them.

Empowering Overwhelmed Families

A Life Care Plan addresses the care-giving challenges that most families bear in silence. It includes care assessments and referrals, assistance during the hospital discharge process, locating and coordinating in-home services, crisis intervention, family education and decision-making support, and advocacy services to protect the elder’s right to safe and effective care in every long-term care setting. 

A Life Care Plan benefits families before, during and after the transition to a long-term care facility. While the Elder is living at home or with family, our Elder Care Coordinator locates the right care and community services, offers family education, coordinates care and serves as an advocate for high-quality care. 

As the Elder’s condition progresses, our elder law team develops a plan of action to handle the health care, financial, and legal issues surrounding long-term care needs. If and when skill nursing care is needed, you will have a plan in place to access the right care.

Still Not Sure?

Is a Life Care Plan Right for you?

  •  Have you or your spouse been diagnosed with a terminal illness?

  • Have you or your spouse been diagnosed with a chronic illness that will significantly impede your quality of life?

  • Are you concerned about your quality of life or care as you continue the aging process?                                                               

  • Are you overwhelmed by care options and decisions?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, we recommend coming in for a consultation

Is a Life Care Plan right for your loved one?

  • Has your loved one been diagnosed with a chronic or progressive terminal illness?

  • Are you concerned about the safety and welfare of your loved one being alone? 

  • Has your loved one had multiple hospital stays within the last six months?                      


  • Do you want help, but don't know where to start?                                                                

If you answered yes to any of these questions, we recommend coming in for a consultation