Estate Planning

What is Estate Planning?

Estate planning is a term that has changed dramatically over the years. At one time, estate planning meant having a will that would go through probate and, if a person was married, titling property jointly with a spouse. The terms Estate Planning and Will created thoughts of death and of wealthy families gathered in attorneys' offices listening to wills being read.  

In today's world, Estate planning is financial, retirement, business succession, charitable, medical, disability, legacy, and gift planning. It is a chance to achieve peace of mind regarding your legacy when you are not there to deliver it. It is the opportunity to relieve the stress of your loved ones during an already trying time. It is your opportunity, when you are gone, to give what you have to whom you want, when you want, the way you want.  

Securing your care through Health Care Direct

You need medical care even if you're unable to make decisions on your own. Advanced health care directives allow you to appoint a health care agent and prepare specific written instructions for your future health care. We will prepare your advance health care  financial directives to instruct the people you choose as to what you want for your medical care if you are unable to make decisions for yourself. 

Advance directives are frequently unavailable when they’re needed for a variety of reasons. That can add additional stress to an already trying time. Our firm wants to make sure that doesn’t happen to you, which is why when you complete your estate plan, you can sign up with a membership with DocuBank.  

The DocuBank Emergency Card makes your advance directives immediately accessible 24/7. Hospital staff can obtain your documents via fax, or print them from the DocuBank website. Along with your directives, the hospital will also receive the names and phone numbers of your emergency contacts and physician. The card also lists allergies and medical conditions to help doctors provide you with the best treatment.   

The DocuBank SAFE allows you to store all of your estate planning documents and digital asset information in one online location. This provides the flexibility of having important documents accessible anytime, anywhere in the world.

Currently we offer DocuBank services through our Trust Package. If you are not in our Trust Package, but are still interested in using DocuBank Services, you can sign up at a discount through our office.